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Barclays Bridging Loan Comparison

Get Your Funds Faster with UK Property Finance Compared to Barclays

Fund your real estate investments with the best bridging loan products.

If you need funding quickly for your real estate projects or investments we can help find the best bridging loan products. As the top brokers for bridging loans, we can get you the best rates and offer quick approval and fund transfers.

What is a Bridging Loan?

A bridging loan provides an alternative to traditional loans and mortgages when you need short-term financing. These loans typically have a term length of 12 months and may not require monthly payments.

Bridging loans are essentially short-term loans that help to bridge the gap between the sale of an existing home and obtaining a mortgage for a new property. As these loans do not typically include monthly payments, borrowers often use refinancing or the sale of a property to pay off the loan before the agreed upon term length.


Why Do People Use Bridging Loans?

People use bridging loans for a variety of reasons. These loans were originally created to offer a bridge between financing options. For example, you may need financing to buy a real estate property while waiting for the sale of an existing property.

Due to the nature of bridging loans, they are commonly used by residential and commercial real estate developers and investors. These individuals may need to act quickly on a property that is for sale. We also offer bridging loan products to individuals however, who cannot use the traditional financing for whatever reason.

The applicant may have assets but not enough income to qualify for a traditional mortgage. You may also need a bridging loan when poor credit keeps you from obtaining a mortgage.

Bridging loans are available to anyone who qualifies. At UK Property Finance, we regularly help those with limited income or poor credit. As bridging loans typically include all fees and monthly interest payments, there are no monthly payments to make, which eliminates the need to prove income in most situations.

Lenders may not require income verification or good credit standing. However, lenders do require the loan to be secured on a property. Bridging loan lenders are often flexible when it comes to the types of property that can be used. For example, you may need to secure your primary residence or a mixed-use building.

Income and credit may provide reasons to seek an alternative to traditional mortgages. However, speed and convenience are the primary benefits of bridging loans.

We use a simplified bridging loan application process, allowing for the quick arrangement of your loan terms. In fact, you may get your loan approved and your funds transferred in just one week. A traditional mortgage typically takes six to eight weeks to complete.


Receive a Quick Bridging Loan Quote

If you believe that a bridging loan provides a suitable solution for your financing needs, receive a loan quote from UK Property Finance. We are available seven days per week to provide all customers with quick responses to their bridging loan inquiries. We can get back to you with a competitive loan quote faster than Barclays or any other UK lender.

Get the peace of mind you need by securing your financing from a reputable UK broker that specialises in bridging loans. Compared to major UK lenders, such as Barclays, we provide faster financing solutions for anyone seeking an alternative to traditional loans and mortgages.

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