Bridging Loans (‘confused’) 1999, one of the longest-established price comparison sites in the UK, officially launched in 1999. This specialist comparison service was created to help consumers find competitive deals on insurance quotes, with a strong focus on home insurance and motor insurance.

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Over the years, has branched out into a much broader range of comparison services for private borrowers and commercial customers.

Today, just a few of the site’s areas of expertise include car insurance, home insurance, mobile phone insurance, life insurance, van insurance, content insurance, gadget insurance, critical illness cover, motorbike insurance, building insurance, pet insurance, health insurance, multi-car insurance, landlord insurance, mortgages, travel insurance, car finance, and many more.

However, Confused does not currently offer any comparison service for bridging loans or bridging finance services in general. Advice on personal loans and mortgages is available, but bridging loans are not currently included in the services provided by

Flexible bridging loans from UK Property Finance

At UK Property Finance, our goal is to simplify the process of finding and securing the most competitive bridging loan deals for all purposes. Our experienced team provides a full range of advisory services for new and existing bridging loan customers, along with full representation and support throughout the application process.

Bridging finance is a fast and flexible short-term facility, providing access to significant sums of money with none of the usual delays. Whereas a conventional mortgage may take weeks or months to arrange, bridging finance can be accessed within just a few working days.

Over the years, has branched out into a much broader range of comparison services for private borrowers and commercial customers.

This makes bridging finance ideal for covering urgent costs or taking advantage of time-critical purchase and investment opportunities. From picking up investment properties to funding major renovations to resolving temporary cash flow issues at work, a short-term bridging loan could be just the thing.

For more information or to discuss the benefits of bridging finance in more detail, contact a member of the team at UK Property Finance today.

Complete bridging loan market comparisons

UK Property Finance provides a specialist market comparison service that goes beyond the limitations of conventional comparison sites like Confused. Specialising in bespoke financial products to suit all requirements and budgets, we work with an extensive panel of approved lenders across the UK.

Along with all mainstream banks and lenders, we also work closely with a broad range of bridging finance specialists to help our clients access unbeatable deals. Our team will help you prepare and present your application to the lenders that best suit your requirements while negotiating on your behalf to minimise borrowing costs.

A bridging loan can be extremely cost-effective when repaid as promptly as possible. They are charged at a rate of around 0.5% or less per month.

No matter how complex or urgent your requirements are, we will do whatever it takes to organise the fast-access bridging finance you need to get the job done. Call anytime for an obligation-free consultation, or email UK Property Finance, and we will get back to you as promptly as possible.

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