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Martin Lewis Bridging Loans

Martin Lewis Bridging Loans

MoneySavingExpert – Martin Lewis

Brainchild of Martin Lewis – renowned budgeting and cost-cutting guru – MoneySavingExpert is the biggest consumer website in the UK. Originally launched in February 2003, MoneySavingExpert now attracts more than 16 million users each month. Along with providing price comparisons on consumer products like insurance, loans and credit cards, MoneySavingExpert also offers assistance for those campaigning for financial justice.

According to the founder of MoneySavingExpert; Martin Lewis, the average person can save at least 25% of their total everyday living costs by making smart transitions to more cost-effective products and services. This is the main point of focus for MoneySavingExpert – a service which empowers everyday consumers to spend less and save more.

In September 2012, the site joined the MoneySupermarket Group and now operates under the MoneySupermarket brand name. All price comparison services are now powered by MoneySupermarket, which does not directly offer a bridging loan comparison service.

Bridging loan comparisons are handled by an external third party, which MoneySupermarket links to from its product pages.

Dedicated Bridging Loan Market Comparison Services

At UK Property Finance, we are proud to offer the UK’s most comprehensive bridging loan comparison services for private borrowers and commercial customers. Our goal is to help clients from all backgrounds secure cost-effective bridging loans for all purposes from our extensive panel of approved lenders.

Our services differ from those of conventional comparison sites, in that we work closely with a broad network of specialist independent lenders. Many of those we work with do not have a presence on the UK High Street and offer their services exclusively by way of broker introductions. We are therefore able to guarantee unbeatable deals on all types of bridging loans, negotiated by our experienced team on behalf of our clients.

Affordable Bridging Finance for all Purposes

Bridging finance provides a flexible and cost-effective stopgap solution for all types of temporary financial shortfalls. Popular uses for bridging loans include purchasing properties at auction, renovating properties to increase their market value, covering unexpected business costs and more.

Where significant sums of capital are needed as quickly as possible, a bridging finance application can be processed in a matter of days. Repayment terms for bridging finance vary from six to 18 months, during which interest applies at rates as low as 0.5% or less.

Importantly, our bespoke bridging loan solutions are open to applicants from all backgrounds – including individuals and businesses with poor credit. Even with a history of bankruptcy, it is still possible to qualify for a competitive bridging loan.

Whether you are ready to go ahead or simply looking to learn more about the potential benefits of bridging finance, we would be delighted to hear from you anytime. Call today, or e-mail UK Property Finance at your convenience and we will get back to you.

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