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Masthaven Bank Bridging Loan Product Comparison

Masthaven Bank

Why Choose UK Property Finance Over Masthaven for Your Bridging Loan?

Get fast approval and quick transfer of funds with UK Property Finance. We are the top broker for bridging loans, helping you get the financing that you need to cover your next property transaction.

Who Can Qualify for a Bridging Loan?

Do you qualify for a bridging loan? The criteria that lenders such as Masthaven use to approve a loan varies. At UK Property Finance, we work with a wide range of lenders to provide financing for people dealing with all types of financial situations.

From avoiding repossession to funding your real estate investments, we can surely find a suitable loan option for your needs.

Funding Business Expansion Projects

Bridging loans are also suitable for those who need to fund their business expansion. As we can typically help clients receive funding quickly, these loans are perfect for taking advantage of new business opportunities. When these opportunities arise, you typically need to act quickly.

We had a client that experienced a surge in business after a competitor folded. Using the funding that we helped secure, the client was able to purchase additional equipment to help expand her business operations.

Receive Funding to Pay Off Tax Bills

At UK Property Finance, we have also helped people who need funding to pay off tax bills. For example, we had a self-employed client with a large tax bill that needed to be paid. He also required financing to make this home marketable.

Within the day, we had arranged a principle agreement. The client received his funding and paid off his taxes, while also completing work on his property to increase its value.

Refurbish a Real Estate Investment Property

You may also qualify for a bridging loan when you need funding to refurbish a real estate investment property. We had a client who needed to convert an unencumbered house into four flats. Using the bridging loan, the client was able to complete his refurbishment project, sell the remaining flats, and use the money to pay off the loan.

Advantages of Bridging Loans Compared to Mortgages

Why should you obtain a bridging loan instead of seeking a mortgage through a traditional lender such as Masthaven? At UK Property Finance, we are experienced loan brokers with access to the top bridging loan lenders in the UK. We ensure that you get the best rates and receive your funds quickly.

Obtaining a mortgage is a time-consuming process. You may need to wait six to eight weeks to get your funds to complete the transaction. There are many situations where time is of the essence. You may need fast funds for buying a property at auction, avoiding repossession, or buying a property from a homeowner who needs to sell quickly.

Conventional mortgages also have more requirements than the bridging loans that we broker. Our application process is simple, while applying for a mortgage requires lenders to look at your income and credit standing. If you have equity, you can likely secure funding through a bridging loan.

The next step in getting the financing that you need is to contact us. Use our enquiry form to submit a few details, and we will begin searching for the loan products that provide the best terms.

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