Land Bridging Finance

Bridging finance can be used to buy residential property, commercial property, or land. Companies of all shapes and sizes use bridging finance to secure a bargain plot for development. Once all the relevant planning permissions are obtained and a plan is devised, we can help obtain development finance for the land in the form of a self-build mortgage, which can be used to fund the building project and pay off the bridging loan.

Purchase land without planning permission


You have found a plot of land for sale and want to build properties on the land. A bridging loan can be used to purchase the land before planning permission is obtained. You can then opt to get a self-build mortgage, use your own funds to build the properties or get further finance on a bridging loan.


There is an important criterion that needs to be taken into account when considering a bridging loan secured against land. At UK Property Finance, we provide access to affordable land-bridging finance in accordance with the following:

  • Borrow up to 70% LTV (or 100% with additional security).
  • Monthly interest from as little as 0.75%
  • All types of commercial, agricultural, and residential land are considered.
  • Loan terms are available from one month up to two years.
  • Borrow as little as £10,000 with no upper limit.
  • All exit strategies and repayment methods are considered.
  • Early repayment is possible with no additional fees.
  • Interest can be rolled into the loan.
  • Applicants with imperfect credit are considered.
  • Bridging loans are available across the UK.

For more information or to discuss the potential benefits of bridging finance in more detail, please contact a member of the team at UK Property Finance anytime.