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Commercial Case Studies

Commercial Case Studies

UK Property finance have managed to source a number of finance solutions across a varied and diverse commercial portfolio.

Below details a few of these examples and helps to demonstrate our vast wealth of experience in sourcing funds for commercial properties.

Engineering Funds for our Client’s Expansion Plans

Our customer owned an engineering factory in Hull and was experiencing an increase in demand due to an influx of new overseas customers. The increase in sales was projected to continue and to cope our client required some refurbishment to his existing trading premises and a large site extension.

The premises including the land was valued at £2 million and our customer had an existing mortgage of £500,000 still left to pay. A total of £250,000 was required which would enable the forecasted sales to increase by approximately 30%.

Our clients trading history was good but for the 3 years previous, sales had been flat. We presented the scenario to our high street partners but it did not fit their ultra-cautious requirements. The challenger bank equivalents looked at our client differently and could see the strength of the potential sales growth and of our client’s previous performance.

We were able to obtain a number of 1st charge solutions of £750,000 i.e. repay the current £500,000 mortgage plus add another £250,000 as required and also 2nd charge options i.e. the current mortgage would remain in situ and we would raise just the £250,000 extra required. Our client had a particular advantageous 1st charge so a 2nd charge option was financially better for them. As we had a number of firm offers on the table, we were able to negotiate with the interested lenders, to get the best possible deal for our client.

UK Property Finance always works closely with our clients and lending partners to get the best deal available. We listen to our customers and are actively involved in helping to drive through their business lending plan.

Clearing our Client’s Funding Frustrations

UK Property Finance were approached by a client who was experiencing frustrating fund negativity from their traditional high street bank. In fact, the time spent seeking funds for our client’s new premises purchase was starting to impact sales.

Our clients had got so far with one lender that they had actually got the property valued. We were eager to avoid additional delays so we approached the surveyor and requested a re-type. This was refused so UK Property Finance swiftly sourced a surveyor from our own panel.

We were dedicated to meeting the client’s tight deadlines and ensuring the funds were sourced as soon as possible to limit any more frustration for our client.

It was a matter of days after receiving the call from our client that we were able to transfer funds to the client and the purchase of their new commercial premises was completed.

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