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Right to Buy Calculator

Right to Buy Calculator

The government’s Right to Buy scheme is designed to provide residents of council homes or housing association properties with the opportunity to purchase their home at a heavily discounted price.

RTB Eligibility

As it stands, public-sector tenants in England are able to claim discounts of up to £80,900, or £108,000 for qualifying properties in London. In Northern Ireland and Wales, the maximum discounts available are £24,000 and £8,000 respectively.

The Right to Buy mortgage calculator is used to gain a rough idea of the discount you may be entitled to. Please complete each of the fields carefully. If you need any further advice or support, contact a member of the team at UK Property Finance anytime.

If you enter any incorrect information in this Right to Buy mortgage calculator, please start your query again from scratch.

Please note that the information this Right to Buy discount calculator provides is to be interpreted as an estimate only. It does not represent a quotation or formal financial advice.

UK Property Finance offers comprehensive support for tenants interested in the government Right to Buy scheme. If you’re thinking about purchasing your home as a public-sector tenant or are already in the process of doing so, we can help streamline and simplify the process from start to finish.

Contact a member of the team at UK Property Finance anytime to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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