Flexible Mortgages

Flexible mortgages offer you the flexibility of changing your monthly payments. This is an additional feature over the standard Variable Rate and Fixed Rate Mortgages options.

It gives you the flexibility to manage your remortgage payments to suit your cash flow needs as your circumstances change. Flexible Mortgages allow you to repay capital early, take back some cash you have paid in and postpone payments. Some are run as substitutes for current and savings accounts, so all your money is working to minimise interest on the mortgage.

Limited availability

Flexible Mortgages are sometimes not available to some customers. For example, those with an adverse payment history, those on DSS benefits and those wishing to acquire property which is not their main residence. Contact our mortgage brokers to talk about your circumstances.

There are no standard repayment methods. Each provider will specify the extent of flexibility on its Flexible Mortgage and the interest rate may be variable or fixed.

Another version of an Equity Release plan is a lifetime mortgage with drawdown facility, instead of taking a single lump sum and making further applications for further funds, a drawdown plan allows you to receive a series of smaller cash lump sums as and when required.