LTB Criteria

As with all types of secured loans, eligibility and lending criteria differ significantly from one lender to the next. This is why it is important to shop around for the best possible deal, approaching only the most appropriate lenders to suit your requirements and your personal circumstances.

While eligibility is assessed on a case by case basis, some lenders impose the following rules and restrictions on Let to Buy mortgages:

  • Minimum applicant age of 25
  • Maximum age of 75
  • Initial down payment of 25%
  • Monthly rental income of 125% of the mortgage payment
  • Good credit score and clean credit history
  • Ability to pass affordability checks
  • Acceptable existing debts and outgoings
  • Proof of income and employment

How Much Can I Borrow on an LTB?

Technically speaking, there are no limitations on how much you can borrow with a Let to Buy mortgage. Like most loans, limits are calculated with the financial circumstances and requirements of the individual borrower in mind.

In some instances, the maximum LTV a conventional Let to Buy lender will consider is 80%. Some major banks reduce this to around 70%, though there are independent lenders in the UK that will offer more.

Again, it depends entirely on your current financial circumstances, your requirements and your budget.

Important Additional Information

There are a few additional points you will need to consider before applying for a Let to Buy mortgage, which include the following:

  • Most lenders impose restrictions wherein you must have owned and lived in the property you intend to let out for a minimum of six months.
  • Your application will only be accepted if you can provide proof of an onward purchase at the time of your application.
  • It is often only possible to apply for a joint Let to Buy if the two people applying are legally recognised partners.
  • The property you intend to move to as your primary residence must be habitable and in an acceptable state of repair at the time of your application.
  • It is advisable (or sometimes compulsory) for the same legal representative to oversee the property purchase and remortgage transactions.

An established independent broker can help you assess your eligibility for a Let to Buy, along with potential alternatives available. If you are unable to secure the financial support you need from a conventional High Street lender, your broker will conduct an extensive search incorporating the UK’s specialist Let to Buy lenders.