Buy to Let and Let to Buy ventures are both undertaken with the intention of generating a profit.

Though similar in many respects, Buy to Let and Let to Buy have important differences that must be considered.

Buy to Let refers to the process of buying a property with the intention of subsequently letting it out to private tenants. With Let to Buy, it works the opposite way: You let out your existing home to tenants, at the same time as moving into a new home.

From a financial perspective, Buy to Let and Let to Buy investments can be covered by a variety of different types of property loans. From second mortgages to remortgages to specialist secured loans and even bridging loans, there are various options available for purchasing a second property and generating rental income.

Consulting with an independent broker

Choosing the most appropriate way forward means first consulting with an independent broker, in order to thoroughly explore the options available. An independent specialist can find you an unbeatable deal from an established and trusted lender.

Rather than approaching any major bank or lender directly, you could save time and money by working with a broker.