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Martin Lewis is a British financial journalist and television presenter, best known for his role as the founder of, a leading UK consumer finance website. Launched in 2003, the site offers advice on saving money, finding the best deals, and managing personal finances. Lewis, often seen as a consumer champion, has used his platform to advocate for financial education and consumer rights. His expertise and approachable style have made him a trusted figure in the realm of personal finance, leading to regular appearances on television programmes and radio shows where he provides practical financial advice to the public.

Beyond his work with, Martin Lewis is also known for his philanthropic efforts and campaigning work. He has been involved in various initiatives to improve financial literacy, particularly among young people, and has donated significant sums to charities focused on financial education and mental health. Lewis has received numerous accolades for his contributions to consumer advocacy, including an OBE (Order of the British Empire) for services to consumer rights and charitable services. His influence extends beyond the media, impacting government policy and sparking widespread discussions on financial issues affecting everyday people.

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Comparing the Remortgage Market

At UK Property Finance, we believe that the secret to securing the best remortgage deal lies in comparing as many options as possible. While some homeowners find that High Street remortgages meet their needs, others discover more competitive offers through independent lenders. That’s why our independent market comparison service includes both major High Street names like Martin Lewis and a broad range of specialist lenders from across the UK.

Our mission is to connect applicants from diverse backgrounds with their ideal lenders, ensuring all remortgage borrowing costs are minimised. Whether you’re aiming to raise funds for home improvements or looking to save money on your existing mortgage, we’ll thoroughly search to find an unbeatable deal within your budget. For more information or to explore your options, schedule an obligation-free consultation with a member of our team at UK Property Finance today. Alternatively, you can use our remortgage calculator to compare our deals with advice from Martin Lewis.

Flexible Remortgage Deals With All Cases Considered

While the remortgage deals highlighted by Martin Lewis are often straightforward and affordable, they tend to exclude applicants with poor credit histories. Even with adequate security, your application may face rejection without a strong credit profile.

At UK Property Finance, we specialise in flexible and inclusive remortgage solutions tailored to diverse financial backgrounds. Regardless of your credit history, we are committed to securing your ideal remortgage from our extensive network of lenders. Crucially, we assess your eligibility upfront to safeguard your credit score from unnecessary impact.

We provide Martin Lewis comparison calculators to see what type of product works best for you and to provide more competitive lending rates than Martin Lewis.

Contact our team at UK Property Finance today to schedule your no-obligation initial free consultation and explore your remortgage options.

Bank Compare Rate
Bank of Scotland Bank of Scotland remortgages
Barclays Barclays remortgages
Halifax Halifax remortgages
HSBC HSBC remortgages
Lloyds Bank Lloyds Bank remortgages
Martin Lewis Martin Lewis remortgages
Masthaven Bank Masthaven Bank remortgages
Nationwide Nationwide remortgages
NatWest NatWest remortgages
Post Office Post Office remortgages
RBS RBS remortgages
Santander Santander remortgages
Tesco Tesco remortgages
Woolwich Woolwich remortgages
Yorkshire Bank Yorkshire Bank remortgages

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