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Masthaven Remortgage

Masthaven Remortgage

Considered one of the most flexible and innovative of all major High Street banks, Masthaven offers an extensive portfolio of dynamic financial services. Along with flexible mortgages and personal loans, Masthaven has also become renowned as a bridging finance specialist. Masthaven is one of few banks to consider the vast majority of cases on individual merit rather than assessing eligibility on the typical measures like credit history alone.

As it stands Masthaven do not currently advertise any specialist remortgage loans. Masthaven remortgage deals are not published on the bank’s website although an extensive range of competitive mortgages are available. While it may be possible to organise a remortgage with Masthaven by consulting with an advisor, first-charge mortgages are the only advertised home loans available at Masthaven.

Flexible Remortgage Deals for All Purposes

Masthaven offers a variety of bridging loans which are issued in a similar way and secured on the applicant’s property. Bridging loans are designed to be repaid as quickly as possible whereas a remortgage provides the borrower with the opportunity to spread the costs over a much longer period. Both bridging loans and remortgages are suitable for home improvements, refurbishments and even property purchases but have different terms and conditions.

As an alternative to a remortgage with Masthaven, UK Property Finance attempts to find your ideal remortgage from a panel of specialist lenders. Don’t confine yourself to the High Street – give our independent advisers the opportunity to compare the UK market in its entirety on your behalf. Whether you currently hold a mortgage with Masthaven or any other major lender, we’ll do whatever it takes to find you an unbeatable deal at a price you can afford.

Independent Expert Advice

UK Property Finance is a 100% independent broker with no brand ties or affiliations. This enables us to provide honest and objective advice on all matters regarding remortgage deals for all purposes.

Whether you’re looking to release some of the equity in your home or perhaps planning extensive renovations, we’ll talk you through the available options. Even if your financial status and credit history are not ideal, we’ll provide the support and advice you need to make the right decision. Contact the team at UK Property Finance for more information.

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