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Remortgage Rates

Remortgage Rates

Like conventional mortgage rates, remortgage rates are continually fluctuating. Refinance rates can also be entirely different from one lender to the next, which is why it is important to compare the market in full.

With most lenders, refinance rates are no more or less competitive than those of conventional mortgages. In addition, the same factors apply which can have an influence on mortgage rates in both directions.

How the rate is calculated

Examples of which include the following – each impacting the competitiveness (or otherwise) of the interest rate you can expect to be quoted:


  • The size of the remortgage loan
  • How much equity you have in your home
  • Your current financial position
  • Employment status and income level
  • Recent credit history
  • Length of the repayment period
  • Your intentions for the money
  • The lender you work with


Across the board, keeping the mortgage interest rates (and overall borrowing costs) to absolute minimums can be simplified by working with a broker. Along with comparing the broadest spectrum of deals from specialist lenders across the UK, an experienced broker can also negotiate a preferential rate of interest on your behalf.

Rather than taking your business directly to any bank or lender, it is advisable to first consult with a broker to discuss the available options.

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