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Santander Remortgage

Santander Remortgage

Formerly Sovereign Bank the Santander Bank is one of the largest and most successful financial institutions in the world. To date Santander has opened an impressive 14,680 branches worldwide providing a wide range of services for millions of customers. Becoming a popular lender for property improvements and relocation Santander remortgage rates can be extremely competitive. When getting a remortgage with Santander there are often additional incentives.

For example the latest Santander remortgage deals are free from product fees and come with £250 cashback on qualifying deals. Free standard valuations are also provided on most Santander remortgages, along with the option of regular overpayments to clear the balance quicker. Santander rates for existing remortgage customers and new customers can be equally competitive, calculated in accordance with the financial status and the requirements of the applicant. Terms, conditions and credit criteria apply with all Santander remortgage applications.

Look further than the high street

A remortgage with Santander can be ideal for raising funds for a variety of property improvement projects. It can also be a great way of gaining access to a competitive deal on your current mortgage. It’s important to consider every available option prior to signing up for a Santander remortgage as some of the best deals available on flexible remortgage packages can only be found beyond the usual High Street names.

This is where our whole-of-market mortgage comparison service can help. Rather than limiting your search to just a few mainstream options, we strongly recommend comparing the market in full. UK Property Finance provides a complete range of independent brokerage services of the highest quality. We will conduct an intensive market comparison on your behalf and find the best deal in the UK to suit your requirements and your budget.

Independent, Objective Financial Support

As a 100% independent service provider you can count on UK Property Finance to be honest, objective and impartial at all times. If a competitive Santander remortgage suits your requirements, we’ll make the necessary arrangements on your behalf. If there’s a better deal available from an independent specialist, we’ll assist you with every step of the application process.

From start to finish we’ll provide the expert support and consultancy you need to simplify your remortgage application and gain access to an unbeatable deal. Contact a member of the team at UK Property Finance anytime for more information.

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