Woolwich Remortgage

Woolwich transferred all of its customer accounts to Barclays in the year 2000, at which point the bank ceased trading entirely. This included all mortgage and remortgage customers, who would continue to be offered the same terms, conditions and general borrowing costs by Barclays. As the Woolwich brand is no longer trading, there are no Woolwich mortgage or remortgage deals available.

Woolwich remortgages were renowned for their flexibility and affordability. Typical Woolwich remortgage rates were in line with those of most major banks, calculated in accordance with the applicant’s appointments, credit record and financial circumstances. Like most major banks, Woolwich remortgages and general home loans were available exclusively for those with a good credit history.

Flexible, Affordable Remortgage Payment

Now that Woolwich has stopped trading, it’s a case of comparing alternative options for a great deal. At UK Property Finance, competitive remortgage rates & deals are our speciality. As an independent broker we’re able to provide access to an extensive range of exclusive remortgages and gain access to discounts from leading lenders across the country. We help our customers find flexible and affordable remortgage deals, providing expert financial support and independent brokerage. You can even use our exclusive remortgage calculator to compare to Woolwich remortgages.

We don’t limit ourselves exclusively to the UK’s mainstream banks and lenders. Since going into business, we have established an extensive network of specialist lending partners across the UK. This enables us to provide a much broader market mortgage comparison service, ensuring our clients’ requirements are met with unbeatable remortgage deals. Whether you’re planning a series of home improvements or simply looking to save money on your existing mortgage, we’re standing by with the support you need. Contact the team at UK Property Finance anytime for more information.

Remortgage Deals with Bad Credit

Major banks and lenders like Woolwich have always excluded poor-credit applicants. At UK Property Finance we understand and appreciate how difficult it can be to maintain a flawless credit score. This is why we welcome poor-credit applicants who may have been turned down elsewhere.

We’ll compare the UK remortgage market on your behalf in order to find the best possible deal from a panel of specialist lenders. Whatever your requirements and budget you may not find a better deal to suit your preferences and your pocket. Contact UK Property Finance anytime for an obligation-free consultation with a member of the team.

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