How Much Property Does the Royal Family Own?

british royal family

You wouldn’t expect the British Royal Family to be anything but fabulously wealthy. You’d also expect the Queen to own more than her fair share of prime real estate across the UK.

But what you might not know is how many royal properties there are in Britain or the total value of royal family properties. You’d expect it to be a lot, but how much exactly?

How many properties does the Royal Family own?

Aside from the most obvious properties owned by the Royal Family, there are a handful of other estates you might not have realised were regal. Buckingham Palace, in all its 775-room glory, is perhaps the most famous of all royal properties in the UK. Nevertheless, the official residence of the Queen represents just one entry to her £13 billion property portfolio.

That’s right… £13 billion, enough to put many of the world’s biggest property tycoons to shame!

In terms of specific properties, detailed below, you’ll find a handful of royal properties you may not have realised were under the watch of the world’s most powerful landlady:

The Savoy Estate, London

Next time you take a stroll down one of the most iconic strips in London’s West End, spare a thought for its lucky owner. Yes, the Queen is the official owner of this part of the Strand, which is also home to the world-famous Savoy Hotel and the Savoy Theatre.

Regent Street

Believe it or not, the Queen is the official owner of Regent Street, as in the entire street. One of the most famous streets in London, the UK, and the entire world, Regent Street is renowned for its glamorous stores and for making an appearance in the game of Monopoly. This one street alone employs more than 20,000 people and attracts a whopping 7.5 million tourists each year. It was also the first street in the world designed specifically with shopping in mind.

Balmoral Castle

No surprises here, what with Balmoral being the most treasured place of all for Her Majesty to relax and unwind. It’s been a royal residence since 1852, occupying a massive 20,000-hectare plot in a beautiful open area of Aberdeenshire.

Sandringham House

Measuring in at a comparatively compact 8,000 hectares, the Queen’s Sandringham Estate was purchased back in 1862 by Queen Victoria. Since then, it’s been a favourite among royals of all ages for relaxing and unwinding in an idyllic countryside setting.

Windsor Castle

Boasting more than 1,000 years of rich history and heritage, Windsor Castle is considered by many to be the most important royal residence. It’s certainly the oldest and most imposing, not to mention the place the Queen herself heads most weekends to relax. If the Royal Standard is flying, you know she’s home.

Other Properties….

In addition to the regal residences above, the Queen is also the owner of 263,000 acres of farmland, 11 hectares of forests, and 30 offshore wind farms. Oh, and let’s not forget Royal Ascot—also her rightful property!

All in all, a pretty spectacular property portfolio with a combined value in excess of £13 billion.