Leading Bridging Lender Warns UK Homeowners of Impending Mortgage Rate Hikes

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UK Property Finance Shares Useful Insights for British Borrowers

One of the UK’s most successful property finance brokers has recently advised potential home movers and those in the Buy-to-Let industry that the best time to apply for a long-term secured loan product is right now. The primary reason for this is that the present low cost of borrowing is definitely not something that they expect will last, although there is still time to act for those who are considering taking out a mortgage product in the interim.

With an already noticeable increase in the number of banks and high street lenders starting to raise their rates, the trend is practically guaranteed to continue with several more lending facilities having recently confirmed that they too will be upping their previously low interest rates for those seeking to borrow throughout the course of next year.

Affordable property finance for UK borrowers

“As whole of market property finance brokers, we have unrestricted access to the most extensive panel of mortgage providers out there, which means we can offer our clients the most appropriate products with the most competitive rates from across the entire market of mortgage lenders. In the simplest of terms, this means that we will actively seek out the most suitable and affordable product on your behalf, based on your individual needs and circumstances.” – UK Property Finance

According to leading economists, the expected level of increase is not something that should start to spike significantly until the onset of the 2020s, although they do predict a steady rise that will increase on a yearly level. With this in mind, the team at UK Property Finance are advising their customers that the time to refinance or take out a new secured loan product with the lowest possible interest rates has to be in the present moment.

UK mortgage rates managed to hit an all-time low in June 2016, with HSBC offering one of the market’s lowest ever loan deals with a 0.99% product aimed at borrowers with minimum deposits of 35%, although the mortgage deal has since been removed. This record-breaking high street mortgage deal was then beaten by the Yorkshire Building Society’s 0.98% product, which, unlike HSBC’s predecessor, is still available – at least for now.

Low-Cost mortgages from an experienced broker

“UK Property Finance has operated in the role of an experienced mortgage broker for well over a decade, and we have provided innovative finance solutions for thousands of highly satisfied borrowers across the UK within that timeframe. Whether you are looking for independent advice on mortgages, insurance policies or anything else related to the funding of a property purchase, our team is vastly knowledgeable and always available to provide quick and uncomplicated access to the precise loan product you need.” – UK Property Finance

With a steady rise in the number of low-cost mortgage products now being withdrawn from the market, and with interest rates on so many other property finance products set to escalate, acting quickly is quite simply the only realistic and plausible solution for those seeking to save money by means of taking advantage of present day low interest rates. This is particularly true for those investing in fixed term products, which promise low interest rates that are to all intents and purposes set in stone for the next two to five, or even ten years, depending on the lender. Work out the costs of a mortgage using our Mortgage calculator UK

If you are looking to save money on a low interest mortgage or refinancing deal then UK Property Finance are always willing to help. With so many vastly differing mortgaging products and secured loan types to choose from, finding the most practical and beneficial solution to the problem of raising appropriate funds to finance a purchase – or release the equity in your home, is to take advantage of the services offered by an experienced broker. Instead of searching yourself, let UK Property Finance source the most affordable and appropriate deal on your behalf.