Mortgage and Rent Payments See Double-Digit Increases – Nationwide

Increase in Payments

According to data from Nationwide, borrowers repaid £735 million of unsecured debts in April, marking a significant 25% increase compared to the previous year. The amount of transactions for debt repayment also rose by 14%. Housing costs continue to show the largest increases, with renters experiencing a 33% rise and mortgage repayments up by 18%.

The survey indicates that a lot of consumers relied on credit to manage rising costs. On average, individuals with credit cards are paying off £391 every month, while car finance repayments average £267, and personal loan repayments are £195.

However, the survey notes that with:

Survey Quote

Mark Nalder, Nationwide’s payments strategy director, commented on the findings.

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Nationwide’s April Spending Report analyses debit and credit card transactions, as well as direct debits, made by Nationwide customers throughout the month of April.