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second charge lending
January 13, 2023

Second Charge Borrowing Hits New High in November

Despite the lingering economic uncertainty that has maintained a tight grip on the UK throughout 2022, second-charge lending has once again seen a bumper year. A minor slowdown in lending volumes was recorded over the past two months, but the overall picture for the year was one of record combined loan values. According to the […] →Read more

January 10, 2023

Three Trends Set to Influence the Housing Market in 2023

Whether average property prices will fall by 10% or see further growth in 2023 remains to be seen. Depending on whom you ask the next 12 months could see just about any eventuality become a reality for the UK housing market. But what is safe to say is that when looking at the state of […] →Read more

December 17, 2022

Rapid Lender Criteria Changes Create Problems for Brokers

Increasingly, mortgage brokers are experiencing difficulties in keeping up with the continuous changes in lending criteria introduced by the lenders they represent. A poll conducted by Smart Money People suggests that the majority of brokers are struggling to keep track of lender eligibility requirements and general qualification criteria, due to the speed and regularity with […] →Read more

December 14, 2022

Council Home Construction in London Outpaces the Rest of the Country Combined

Newly published government data suggests that more council homes construction projects commenced in London in 2021 than in the rest of the country combined. A total of 5,494 projects broke ground in the capital last year, compared to 4,325 spanning the rest of England as a whole. Combined, this adds up to the most new […] →Read more

The Budget
December 11, 2022

How the Budget is Likely to Affect the Housing Market

Things have been moving so fast as of late that it is difficult to believe it was only eight weeks ago that Kwasi Kwarteng devastated the UK economy with his catastrophic mini-budget. Since then, Jeremy Hunt has introduced a broad range of spending cuts and tax hikes, with the aim of reversing at least some […] →Read more

December 8, 2022

Small Housebuilders Blighted by Inaccessible Mortgages

Research conducted by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) suggests issues with mortgage accessibility are preventing smaller housebuilders across the UK from building new homes. After conducting a poll on 122 SMEs within the house building sector, the FMB found that 38% were finding mortgage accessibility issues a barrier to their planned projects. Worse still, […] →Read more

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