The Top 10 Most Expensive Places to Live in the UK Outside London


We all know that property prices in London remain the highest in the country, but which other towns and cities are in the top ten when it comes to house prices?

  1. Virginia Water, Surrey

With the average house price coming in at £1,617,679, Virginia Water makes it to the top spot on Zoopla’s ‘rich list’, for the most expensive places to buy property in the UK. Portal Rise is the most expensive street, with the average house costing a whopping £7,046,149, closely followed by Wentworth Drive, where the average house will set you back £6,496,232, North Drive coming in at £6,237,670 and in fourth place Pinewood Road at £6.196,450.

The leafy suburb of Virginia Wood has seen a rise in property prices of 1.3% since September and an overall increase of 2.6% in the last 12 months. Terrace houses were priced on average at £1,045,875 while flats came in at £533,317.

  1. Cobham, Surrey

Another picturesque town, nestling on the banks of the River Mole in the popular county of Surrey, is Cobham, coming in at second place. Average prices of £1,239,868 make this a town only accessible to the wealthy, with a rise of 2.17% in the last quarter of 2021 and an increase of an incredible 11.09% from the same period last year. When looking at the types of properties sold, terrace houses cost around £551,532, while flats averaged £540,350.

  1. Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

Sitting on the edge of the Chiltern Hills, Beaconsfield is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Easy accessibility to London (25 minutes by train) makes this beautiful town popular with commuters. The average home here will set you back £1,232,359, representing a rise of 1.58% in the last 3 months and a yearly rise of 5.3%. The average flat will cost £591,253, while terraced properties show an average selling price of £648,184.

  1. Esher, Surrey

Situated on the south-east side of London’s leafy suburbs, Esher is a quiet and peaceful town despite its proximity to the capital. This town is very popular with buyers looking for the best of both worlds: the excitement of the city and the tranquilly of the countryside. Prices here currently sit at an average of £1,146,708, which is a rise of 1.76% during the last quarter and a 4.55% increase over the last 12 months. Flat prices are averaged at £531,622 and terraced properties at £659,058.


  1. Chalfont St. Giles, Buckinghamshire

Most commonly known as the background of many popular shows (Dad’s Army, The Canterbury Tales, and Peep Show, to name a few), Chalfont St. Giles may feel strangely familiar to those who have never actually visited there. It is also home to Milton Cottage, where the famous poem ‘Paradise Lost’ was penned by John Milton.

The average price of homes in this historical town is £1,139,493, which is an increase of 2.02% since the end of September and a 12-month overall rise of 9.08%. Flat prices average at £530,618; terrace houses show an average price of £608,428.

  1. Gerrards Cross, Surrey

Coming in sixth place, with an average property cost of £1,057,668, is Gerards Cross. As one of the most sought-after places to live in the UK, it’s not surprising this beautiful rural town has made it to the top ten. The last three months have seen a rise of 2.2% in house prices and a yearly increase of 4.58%. A flat here will set you back on average £538,058, with terrace houses averaging at £592,826.

  1. Radlett, Hertfordshire

The ancient village of Radlett dates back to before 5,000 BC and has been the home of many celebrities, including Simon Cowell and the late George Michael. You can buy a home here for the average price of £1,017,483 in this beautiful town. House prices have risen on average by 1.77% in the last 3 months and 3.65% over the last 12 months. In terms of property prices, flats will cost buyers £453,467 on average, whereas terrace properties will set buyers back £586,602.

  1. Weybridge, Surrey

The bustling town of Weybridge boasts a fantastic high street that winds through streets of mansions and manors and is home to some of the most prestigious private schools in the country. Average house prices in Weybridge are sitting at £1,012,920, reflecting an increase of 2.15% since the end of September and a rise of 6.49% from the same period in 2020. Flats are on average £471,716 while terraced houses are currently averaging £683,669.

  1. Ascot, Windsor, and Maidenhead, Berkshire

Home to world-famous racecourses, the resettlement of Ascot, Windsor, and Maidenhead offers top-quality properties in the beautiful countryside to the west of London.

Properties in Ascot are currently averaged at £990,918. This is a rise of 1.31% in the last quarter of 2020, and since September 2020, it has risen by 2.63%. In terms of the types of properties, flats showed an average of £570,937 and terraced houses £600,385.

Meanwhile, in Windsor and Maidenhead, average prices came in at £709,988, representing a three-month growth of 1.58% and a yearly rise of £541,301. Terraced houses were priced at £541,301 and flats at £417,865.

  1. East Molesey, Surrey

Last, but by no means least, East Molesey comes in at number 10 on Zoopla’s ‘rich’ list. This popular commuter town has an average house price of £986,356, with a current rise of 0.88% since the third quarter of 2020 and an increase of 1.69% over the last twelve months. When it comes to property types, flats average at £410,384 and terraced properties at £516,166.