UK Property Finance Embraces the Continued Use of New Technology for an Improved Customer Service Experience

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UK Property Finance embraces the continued use of new technology for an improved customer service experience.

One of the UK’s leading providers of intelligently sourced, independent property finance solutions has voiced an opinion of concern against rival firms seeking to actively shun the introduction and development of new, automated services that have been designed and implemented to provide a much improved and significantly more streamlined customer service experience. Unlike many of their competitors, the team at UK Property Finance believes that the automation of various services should be embraced and not avoided entirely in order to maintain a supposedly more human and direct relationship with their customers.

On the contrary, rather than seeing automation as something that dehumanises the relationship between service provider and client, the team at UK Property Finance instead recognises the immense and numerous benefits that technology can provide in terms of speeding things up and simplifying many procedures for customers, and this has led to an increased investment into automated and semi-automated solutions that are aimed at improving services and overall satisfaction across the board.

Much-needed progress

“Rather than viewing developments like robo-advice as a threat, advisors should look at how new technology can help them stay one step ahead of the competition. Above all else, brokers must ensure that they are using every tool available to provide a modern, holistic service that meets the requirements of their customers throughout all aspects of the market, whether that be for mortgages, re-mortgages, second charges, or buy-to-let products.” L&G Mortgage Club director Jeremy Duncombe

With these precise sentiments in mind, UK Property Finance has invested a significant amount of time and money into a growing number of technological resources that enable customers to find and retrieve as much information as possible, quickly and efficiently, without ever having to speak to an advisor directly. Of course, the service is not completely automated, and help is always available whenever one-to-one advice is required, with the main emphasis based on providing quick and easy tools that are designed to augment the quality of customer service and not dispose of it entirely, as some rival brokers would have you believe.

A basic example of the use of technology to speed things up for customers would be the introduction of the online bridging loan calculator. One of the first tools of its kind, the UK Property Finance bridging loan calculator, was designed from the ground up to provide quick and easy access to the basic cost of borrowing and the associated fees and rates when this is the only information a client is interested in. Instead of spending a considerable amount of time on the telephone chatting with an advisor or organising a face-to-face meeting, a customer can obtain all the data they need using a simple on-screen app that tells them everything they need to know in order to make a genuinely informed decision.

Full commitment to customer service

“At UK Property Finance, we place the needs of our clients much higher than those of our own. In an industry where many of our competitors view computerization and technological breakthroughs as more of a hindrance than a stepping stone, we take the opposite view. Although it is true to say that some technologies do seem to be aimed at removing the need for human interaction altogether, there are many advantages to be gained when these new advancements are used in the correct context. In short, if it benefits the client, then we feel that this is something that should be embraced and not feared.”

The team at UK Property Finance provides a unique service package that remains completely focused on the needs of the client at all times. Instead of concentrating on increased sales and marketing, a much greater level of emphasis is placed on delivering the most appropriate financing product with the lowest available rates. From start to finish, the entire process of applying for a bridging loan or similar property finance solution is kept as simple, stress-free, and convenient as possible.