Fluent Money Loans

The directors of Fluent Money have 175 years of combined industry experience. Committed to the provision of dynamic financial services and providing impeccable communication with its customers, Fluent Money is a reputable broker specialising in secured loans.

Interest rates and borrowing costs vary, though typically secured loans at Fluent Money are charged (at the time of writing) at an average rate of 9.1% Annual Percentage Rate of Charge Representative. Secured loans from Fluent Money are available for a variety of purposes, subject to status and credit criteria.

 UK Property Finance also has numerous years of combined industry experience, and as part of our whole-of-market comparison service, we consider the latest deals and preferential rates in the same way as Fluent Money; however, UK Property Finance guarantees to charge lower fees. In doing so, UK Property Finance is able to provide market-leading value for money on each and every secured loan we provide. Why not call for a free, no-obligation quotation?

Proactively minimising borrowing costs

At UK Property Finance, we go the extra mile to ensure each and every customer receives the best possible deal on their secured loan. Unlike certain brokers, we have no specific brand ties or affiliations with the lenders we work with. This enables us to provide 100% honest, impartial, and objective advice at all times. Our sole commitment is to provide our clients with quality and value for their money.

When applying for secured loans through brokers like Fluent Money and UK Property Finance, it is important to take all borrowing costs into account. Initial arrangement fees, processing fees, administration fees, completion fees, and broker commissions are just a few relatively standard charges that can increase the overall cost of your loan. With UK Property Finance, you are guaranteed a deal sourced from the whole of the market at a low rate of interest, with minimal added costs and no hidden extras.

By using a brokerage such as UK Property Finance, you are able to quickly obtain details on your ideal secured loan.

Flexible and accessible secured loans

UK Property Finance strongly believes in the importance of flexibility and accessibility, as do the lenders we recommend, so our clients are able to access secured loans for most legal purposes.

Importantly, our services are also provided to private and business borrowers with an imperfect credit history, so whether you have a poor credit score or no credit history whatsoever, we will help you find your ideal secured loan from a leading UK lender.

If you are actively looking at or simply considering the available options, we would be delighted to hear from you. Contact a member of the team at UK Property Finance anytime for more information.

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