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Santander is no less than a leviathan in the banking world. Serving more than 133 million people worldwide, Santander is continuously diversifying its portfolio for the benefit of its customers. For commercial customers, Santander offers a wide variety of unsecured personal loans, along with larger loans secured exclusively on property. For business customers, available services are far more diverse: business line of credit, business term loans, commercial real estate mortgages, business equipment finance, small business administration (SBA) loans, and countless others. Often with introductory interest rates of 0% for a temporary period.

Secured loan types explained

The way we see it, borrowers interested in secured loans should always consider the various different loan types available. Depending on your requirements and financial circumstances, one specific loan type could prove exponentially more appropriate than another. We work closely with major brands like Santander and the UK’s leading independent lenders, providing access to an extensive range of secured loans for all purposes.

Just a few examples, which you’ll find outlined below:

Bad credit loans

As the name quite rightly suggests, bad credit loans are ideal for those with a poor credit score. In many instances, the borrower’s credit rating has little to no bearing whatsoever on their eligibility for a secured loan. Just as long as the required collateral can be provided, this is all the lender needs to make their decision.

Debt consolidation loans

Secured loans can also offer a lifeline for individuals and businesses looking to consolidate other debts. A single loan is used to pay off as many debts as required, replacing them with a single monthly repayment at a much lower rate of interest. Compared to debt consolidation at Santander Mortgage, we may be able to assist with a secured loan and provide a better debt management opportunity.

Home improvement loans

Homeowners and landlords alike often use their properties as collateral to obtain a home improvement loan. Once again, the name clearly communicates the purpose of this loan type: decorating, building alterations, repurposing, and general home improvements.

Homeowner loans

A homeowner loan simply refers to any loan for any purpose that is secured on the borrower’s property. Such loans are available exclusively to homeowners and may be taken out for almost any legal purpose.

Secured business loans

A secured loan can also be great for providing fast and affordable access to cash as a small business owner. Where conventional funding channels may be entirely out of reach, a secured business loan is always an option, if and when the required collateral is available.

Self-employed loans

Often shunned entirely by major lenders, self-employed applicants are welcomed by more dynamic secured loan specialists. Once again, just as long as the required collateral is available, credit reports and proof of income are inconsequential.

We provide Santander comparison calculators to see what type of product works best for you and to provide more competitive lending rates than Santander.

All choice, no compromise

Whatever your requirements and financial situation, UK Property Finance provides you with the support you need to access your ideal loan. Use our online repayment calculator or contact a member of our dedicated support team today to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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