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Woolwich Loans

As of 2000, Woolwich became the property of Barclays – one of the biggest banks in the UK. As a result, customers of Woolwich gained complete access to the enormous product and service portfolio of Barclays Bank.

Both for businesses and everyday customers alike, Barclays offers an extensive range of secured loans. Options are available for homeowners looking to secure additional cash, along with commercial customers with collateral to cover their loans.

By comparing the market from top to bottom, we can help you find an affordable secured loan to suit your requirements and budget. So before penning an application with Woolwich, reach out to UK Property Finance and we’ll guarantee an unbeatable deal!

The Benefits of a Secured Loan

Depending on your circumstances and requirements, you may find a secured loan uniquely beneficial. In most instances, eligibility is determined exclusively on the basis of collateral. If you’re able to put up sufficient security to cover the cost of the loan, you’re almost guaranteed to be accepted.

This in turn often eliminates credit checks and detailed financial status analysis from the equation. Along with simplifying the application process, this can also reduce processing times. In fact, it’s possible for certain types of secured loans to be paid out in a matter of days.

Personal loans are provided on the basis of the applicant’s financial situation. By contrast, secured loans take into account the value of your assets. If you have a property with a market value of £100,000, you’ll have no problem getting your hands on say £70,000 or so. Far more than an unsecured personal loan would allow.

Last but not least, providing collateral to secure a loan also reduces the risk for the lender. Hence, secured loans typically attach much more competitive interest rates and borrowing costs.

Secured Loans for all Purposes

Whatever your requirements and budget, UK Property Finance will set you up with your ideal secured loan.

Simply contact a member of our customer support team and we’ll guide you through the available options. Alternatively, send us an e-mail with an overview of your request and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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