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Bridging Loan Calculator

Use the bridging loan calculator to provide the detail needed to allow us to get the best rate. You will be provided an indication of the expected rates which start from 0.47% and the repayment costs. We provide fully FCA Regulated 667602.


Low Rates 0.47%

The table below provides examples of what the bridging loan repayments would be on an example loan amount of £100,000 which is a popular amount for bridging finance. Alternatively use the bridging loans calculator above for a rough calculation of your loan. For an accurate quotation with a breakdown of costs please speak to one of our experienced advisors so they can inform you of the rate of interest and any other questions you have.

Interest RateMonthly Interest

Traditionally, bridging finance was predominantly utilised to bridge the gap between buying and selling a property. In other words it was mainly used when a homeowner wanted to buy a new property but had not yet sold their current property.

These days there are far more reasons that borrowers may opt for a bridging loan as opposed to other types of funding. This form of short term funding can be beneficial to property developers looking to fund projects, landlords buying at auction, and businesses needing equipment or improved cash flow.

Whatever the reason, bridging finance is a flexible, short term, secured funding option for those looking to raise money in a short space of time.

As a short term funding option, a bridging loan can be set up in as little as a week for any loan term up to 12 months. The amount you can borrow will be based on the LTV (loan to value) and lending interest rates will vary from lender to lender.

UK Property Finance Ltd are a whole of market broker, and as such we can guarantee to find the best rates and deals on the market for our clients.

Give us a call and we will be happy to have a no-obligation chat about how our bridging finance can benefit you.


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