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Long Term Rentals

People Are Choosing Longer Term Rentals, Even as 86% of Rental Households Face Financial Strain

Getting a foot on the UK’s property ladder has become borderline impossible for an entire generation of renters. Skyrocketing house prices combined with an unprecedented cost-of-living crisis have forced many to abandon their dreams of homeownership entirely. Consequently, a study conducted by Ocasa indicates that more UK residents than ever before are viewing long-term private […] →Read more

Wedding Loan

Wedding Loans: An Introductory Guide

Planning a memorable wedding is not for the faint-hearted. Both in terms of the logistics involved and the costs, it can be a surprisingly time-consuming and complex endeavour. According to the latest National Wedding Survey (conducted by, the average cost of a wedding in 2021 was £17,300. This marks a dramatic increase from the […] →Read more

Development Finance 2022

What Investors Need to Know About Development Finance in 2022

Development Finance is an ideal solution for developers and property investors looking to fund the construction or refurbishment of their properties using short term funding solutions. When looking at funding for your development project it is imperative that you familiarise yourself with all the options available so that you can make an informed decision. What […] →Read more

Responsible Lending

All-Encompassing Guide To Responsible Lending & Debt Consolidation

When borrowing funds, it is common for prospective lenders to assess one’s financial assets and liabilities before dispatching money. Lenders evaluate your financial situation to determine your creditworthiness and reliability when paying off your loan on time. Responsible lending is the process that helps lenders to assess your ability to undertake a loan and make […] →Read more

Development Finance

Development Finance: What Documentation Do I Need to Apply?

Each development finance product is unique – a bespoke agreement reached between the issuer and the borrower. There are various different types of development finance that can be issued, each targeting different kinds of developments and fulfilling developers’ individual requirements. But what remains consistent with all types of development finance is the importance of submitting […] →Read more

Stamp Duty

Is it Possible to Save on Stamp Duty When Buying a Home?

When the stamp duty holiday came to an end, millions of movers and first-time buyers once again found themselves facing painful levies on already elevated home purchase costs. In the UK, stamp duty land tax (SDTL) is payable upon the purchase of a home, calculated in accordance with the value of the property. In England […] →Read more


Has the Day of the Amateur Landlord Come to An End?

Research suggests that more established landlords than ever before are opening limited companies to benefit from tax incentives when purchasing BTL homes and running their private lettings businesses. Elsewhere, some polls have indicated that economic pressures on the BTL landlord community are prompting many to consider liquidating their portfolios and exiting the market entirely. All […] →Read more

Right to Buy

Boris Johnson Planning to Bring Back Right to Buy

As part of his pledge to put an end to the UK’s escalating housing crisis, Boris Johnson has laid out plans to introduce a new take on the Right to Buy initiative. Initially devised by Margaret Thatcher, the Right to Buy scheme gave millions of council house tenants across England the legal right to purchase […] →Read more