Mortgage Insurance

There are a number of insurance products which you should consider when taking out a mortgage.

Accident Sickness & Unemployment Insurance

In these times of uncertainty where more and more jobs are becoming less safe, it makes real sense to ensure that you are suitably covered for the unfortunate event of unemployment. This type of insurance can also cover self-employed applicants, and coupled with accident and sickness insurance, it provides a proper safeguard for those where employment income is required to ensure any monthly mortgages are paid in full.

Life & Critical Illness Insurance

Our specialist mortgage brokers offer products from the main life insurance companies, covering the majority of the UK market. Life insurance will pay off your mortgage in the event of the death of the person covered. Critical illness can likewise repay the mortgage in the event of a heart attack or other selected illnesses, even if the policyholder returns to full health. It is of paramount importance that, when taking out life insurance, you receive the coverage you are expecting. Due to this, we only deal with companies that have a good record of paying out and offer excellent coverage at the right price. The staff at UK Property Finance are trained to the highest standards to understand the requirements of our clients. Please apply by filling out the form on the right of the page.

Buildings & Contents Insurance

UK Property Finance offers competitive and comprehensive buildings and contents insurance from a wide range of approved suppliers. It is a mortgage lender’s requirement that suitable building insurance is in place at all times on a mortgaged property or a property that has had one or more remortgages.