Commercial Mortgages from 7.99%

Finance on retail and business premises

Commercial mortgages are available across a wide range of property types, from factory units to shops. The determining factor, however, is that the borrower will not normally be living at the security, which makes them unregulated by the FSA.

  • Interest only and repayment
  • Purchases and refinance
  • Full commercial, semi-commercial, and buy-to-let portfolios
  • Owner occupied
  • Land only
  • Short-term leases
  • Longer terms
  • Portfolio remodelling and acquisitions
  • Purchase against bricks and mortar or goodwill value
  • New start-ups
  • Capital raising for most legal reasons
  • All industries are covered.
  • High-street lenders, challenger banks, and specialist lenders

Mortgages secured on commercial property

With semi-commercial mortgages (such as a shop with a flat above), the borrower will have permission to live in the residential part of the building. Mortgages with a commercial element are currently viewed by the lender as higher risk than those without, and as such, it is a much longer process requiring additional checks. The mortgages available are usually based on a LTV of 75% or below, and rates are higher than with other mortgage types.

Many commercial and semi-commercial mortgages allow the borrower to let out the property, although an additional premium is usually payable.

Key features and benefits

A specialist commercial mortgage tailored to your requirements can be far more flexible than a traditional property loan. Choose from an extensive range of fixed-rate and variable loans, with the option of switching from a variable mortgage to a fixed-rate deal at any time.

Capital repayment holiday

Request an interest-only repayment holiday to temporarily reduce your monthly outgoings where required.

Flexible repayment terms

Repay your commercial mortgage over a period of anything from 12 months to 40 years, in accordance with your requirements and your budget.

Suitable for all purposes

There are no restrictions whatsoever on how you use your commercial capital. It is yours to invest in any way you like.