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    Secured and Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loans: Which is better?

    A competitive debt consolidation loan has the potential to save an individual with multiple debts, time, money and hassle. Particularly if their existing debts attach elevated rates of interest and excessive borrowing costs, consolidation can represent a real lifeline. But which of the two main options available, secured and unsecured consolidation loans, is the better […]

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    When is a Secured Loan a Good Option?

    An unsecured loan can be a versatile and conveniently accessible financial tool for short-term borrowing requirements; however, unsecured loans are typically only available for relatively small sums and are repaid using regular monthly payments, over an agreed timescale. With secured lending, significantly greater sums are often available and for repayment over a much longer period. […]

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    Secured Second Charge Loans for Home Improvement Projects

    Homeowners across the UK routinely turn to banks and specialist lenders for help with major home improvement projects. One of the most flexible and versatile products available is a secured second charge home improvement loan, which can cover the costs of most types of major home improvements, renovations, and extensions. What is a Secured Second […]

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    Is Consolidating Debts with a Secured Loan a Good Idea?

    On one hand, it is true to say that taking on any form of debt while already struggling with your monthly outgoings is not a good idea. Attempting to solve debt by taking on more debt is usually counterproductive, though there is one exception to the rule. Debt consolidation involves using one larger loan to […]

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    Should I Fund Home Improvements with a Second Charge Secured Loan?

    Homeowners planning major alterations or improvements to their properties have a variety of funding options to choose from. One of which is a second charge secured loan which is effectively a second mortgage secured against your property and usually for a smaller sum than the first charge. Remortgaging which is applying for a loan with […]

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    All Debts Consolidated Within 5 days For Young Couple From Cambridge

    We were approached by a young couple from Cambridge who for various reasons were struggling with financial debt.  Between them they had accumulated seven credit cards all with maxed out balances, multiple fully utilized overdrafts and a handful of personal loans, all on varying higher rates of interest and all requiring payments each month. The […]

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    Park Homes: How to Finance Yours

    As average property prices continue to swell across the United Kingdom, more people than ever before are considering relocating to a park home. For many, it’s the appeal of downsizing to a luxurious and affordable property of a higher standard, perhaps in a far more desirable location. Perfectly possible to pick up a beautiful two-bedroom […]

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    The Rise of Secured Loans

    Britain’s secured borrowing market has seen significant and on-going growth for several consecutive years. Particularly in the more specialist sectors of the secured loans arena, application volumes are peaking and showing no signs of abating. But what exactly is fuelling this UK-wide secured loans increase? What’s behind the secured loans rise in both private and […]

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    Understanding How to Use Collateral for a Secured Loan

    It is important to be able to have access to loans when you need them. Sometimes you will need to provide a lender with collateral in order to receive the favorable loan terms that you are looking for – this is typical of secured loans. If you have yet to secure a loan with collateral, […]

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