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    House Building Alone Will Not Solve the Current Housing Crisis

    There are two things driving the UK’s real estate sectors record performance right now; the growing desire among movers and first-time buyers to escape the city and pick up spacious properties with private gardens and rock-bottom interest rates, this usually takes priority. For some time now mortgage rates have been hovering around all-time lows, and […]

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    How Much Does Development Finance Cost?

    Development finance is a specialist funding solution for experienced builders and developers. The funds are issued by lenders for the exclusive purpose of developing or refurbishing residential, commercial and mixed-use properties. Development finance differs from other types of commercial finance in that it is typically released in stages as the project progresses. In addition, lenders […]

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    Property Development Restriction Relaxations Draw a Mixed Response

    Boris Johnson has confirmed details of an overhaul to planning permission requirements and restrictions, which will give housing developers and homeowners alike more direct control over their properties. Despite facing accusations of having unnecessarily delayed essential reforms until now, the Prime Minister firmly believes the new planning system will boost affordable home availability across the […]

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    UKPF helps first-time developer complete new build.

    Building contractors often approach UK property finance for advice getting into property development and our most recent client showed more commitment than most. 12 months ago our client, Steve decided to sell his very successful building contractor to take up a new career in property development. Although Steve had 22 years’ experience in building, He […]

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    Development Finance vs Self-Build Mortgage

    Major construction projects often call for equally major financial support.  Unless you’re already sitting on a stockpile of cash, you’ll need to enlist the help of a specialist lender. In which case, you’ll be looking at a choice between two viable yet very different funding solutions: Development finance or a self-build mortgage. While both options […]

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    10 Options for Financing Your Development Project

    Contrary to popular belief, the average developer doesn’t have an endless stockpile of cash just waiting to be put to use. Instead, the vast majority of property developers require financial assistance for the projects they undertake. So it’s good news that there are so many different options available to explore – including the following 10 […]

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    Home Extension Finance: Explore Your Home’s Hidden Potential

    For most homeowners, there’s really no easier or more affordable way of extending a property than with a professional loft conversion. Most homes have a potentially huge amount of space that could be put to much better use, without the need for major remodelling or extension works. That said, a high-quality loft conversion doesn’t come […]

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    Turned Down For Property Development Finance?

    Contrary to popular belief, being turned down for property development finance is far from uncommon. It’s just that when it happens to you personally, you feel as though you’re the only one in the world facing such troubles. Regardless of what it is you need the capital for, there are generally four main reasons why […]

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