Bridging Loan Types

Bridging finance is designed to be short-term and is always secured against UK bricks and mortar or land. Bridging loans are often used in relation to residential property when a more conventional mortgage may take too long to arrange or is not available. Bridging finance can also be used when purchasing a property prior to the sale of an existing property, in situations where capital needs to be released quickly. Another use for bridging finance would be to avoid bankruptcy or repossessions and to clear any mortgage arrears.

Auction Finance

Avoid Repossession Loans

Bridging Finance to Purchase Overseas Properties

Hard Money Loans

Purchase Overseas Properties

Capital Raising Bridging Loan

Closed Bridging Loans

Commercial Bridging Loans

Refurbishment Bridging Loan

Incomplete Property Loan

Land Bridging Finance

Pensioner Bridging Loans

Probate Loans