Right to Buy

    Boris Johnson Planning to Bring Back Right to Buy

    As part of his pledge to put an end to the UK’s escalating housing crisis, Boris Johnson has laid out plans to introduce a new take on the Right to Buy initiative. Initially devised by Margaret Thatcher, the Right to Buy scheme gave millions of council house tenants across England the legal right to purchase […]

    Porting a Mortgage

    Should I Port My Mortgage and What are the Alternatives?

    Taking your mortgage with you when you move is called porting, but is it a good idea and will your lender let you do this? The choice to port a mortgage does not always lie with the homeowner and some lenders will not even consider allowing you to do this. We look at the process […]

    Legal Advice

    Legal Advice Has Become Mandatory for All Equity Release Customers

    This month, the Equity Release council made it mandatory for all UK citizens looking to release equity to have at least one face to face visit with a solicitor before committing to any plan. This marks a return to pre-pandemic criteria following a temporary change in rules by the Equity Release Council back in April […]


    High Earners at Risk of Becoming Mortgage Prisoners

    Many high earners, with big mortgage obligations, are finding themselves unable to refinance, as lenders tighten lending criteria following the recent tax increases. Many homeowners who bought during the pandemic when the market was booming, may find themselves trapped and unable to move if they have gone beyond their means to buy the property. With […]

    Reducing Borrowing Costs New Equity Release Rule

    Reducing Borrowing Costs with New Equity Release Rule

    Homeowners, who have taken advantage of equity release finance, are now able to make additional partial payments without any charges or penalisations, in a bid to reduce borrowing costs. Although this is a feature already offered with some later life lending products, as of the 28th March, the Equity Release Council have announced that it […]

    Average UK House Prices Hit New All Time High in February

    Average UK House Prices Hit New All-Time High in February

    Economic uncertainty has become the norm, as the UK continues to deal with the lingering aftereffects of COVID-19. But while some sectors are struggling to get back to pre-pandemic performance levels, others are breaking records left, right and centre. Once again, average house prices hit a new all-time high in February, exceeding £260,000 for the […]


    How to Reduce your Mortgage Repayments and Save Money

    As inflation increases and the cost of living rises, many homeowners are looking for ways to reduce spending. One way this can be done is by cutting the cost of their mortgage. UK households are bracing themselves for the predicted increases in their monthly outgoings due to the increase in inflation and the escalating energy […]

    Discounts on Green Mortgages for Energy Efficient Landlords

    Discounts on Green Mortgages for Energy Efficient Landlords

    With the upcoming changes to EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rules, the interest in green mortgages is on the increase with many landlords qualifying for great deals on BTL mortgages. Green mortgages offer incentives to landlords who are willing to upgrade their properties to a high energy efficient level. Although there are currently only a few […]

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