How to Avoid Bankruptcy

We have sole access to a funding line provided by our sister company, UK Bridging Loans. This funding line has been specifically designed to quickly and efficiently provide short term finance with the specific aim of preventing bankruptcy.

Our experience to date has shown that many individuals facing bankruptcy have the ability of prevention however they leave the arrangements too late to stop the bankruptcy proceedings taking place and subsequently they receive a large but avoidable long term credit blot against their record. Often they have a completely clean credit file prior to the bankruptcy but the bankruptcy will now show for many years to come.

How we can help avoid bankruptcy

With the right cooperation, we can potentially arrange funding in days and will often communicate with petitioners to ensure that our clients avoid bankruptcy, even if we are only informed just a few days before the bankruptcy hearing.

Our finance is a short term fix, often no more than 12 months in length and an acceptable repayment strategy must be agreed prior to funding. Once the bankruptcy is avoided our clients have the time to action their strategy without a huge millstone hanging around their necks.

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What Happens When You Declare Bankruptcy?