HSBC Equity Release Comparison

HSBC equity release products are not currently available. While HSBC offers a few online resources discussing the potential benefits and drawbacks of releasing equity, they do not offer any specific equity release products as such. With more than 40 million customers, HSBC is one of the largest financial institutions worldwide. Supporting the needs of millions of everyday borrowers and commercial clients, HSBC offers one of the broadest portfolios of products and services of any lender. However, equity releases are not available from HSBC. The bank does not offer any specific equity release products or equivalents, nor are the services of any external equity release providers linked to their own. HSBC provides helpful information online for those who may be considering equity release but fall short of offering any such products themselves.

Why release equity?

It is not uncommon for people who own high-value homes to have comparatively minimal spending power. This is what is referred to as being asset-rich but cash-poor, where you have a small fortune tied up in your home but limited on-hand cash to spend. For homeowners aged 55 or over, this is where equity release can help. With equity release, some money you have tied up in your home can be converted into cash, which you can use as you wish. Depending on your requirements, your personal circumstances, and the type of equity release product you take out, you could access as much as 75% of the equity you have built up in your home. This would mean that if your home is valued at £300,000, you may be able to release £225,000 in tax-free cash. All of which could be accessed in the form of a single lump-sum payment or in a series of instalments over the course of several years. With equity release, you effectively sell some (or all) of your property to a specialist lender. You are able to continue living in your home for the rest of your life, and the facility is repaid upon the sale of your home following your death. Equity release can therefore pave the way for a more comfortable and enjoyable retirement or to fund major purchases or investments of any kind. However, the value of the estate you leave behind will be significantly reduced if you enter into an equity release scheme. This is why it is important to seek independent, expert advice before applying. For more information or to determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for equity release, contact a member of the team at UK Property Finance today.

Impartial and objective advice you can trust

With something as important and binding as an equity release, it is essential to seek independent expert advice before applying. Not everyone is an appropriate candidate for equity release, which, like any other loan, comes with a broad range of fees, charges, and costs to consider. It is not a quick and easy way to access ‘free money’, nor should it be used without careful consideration. This is where our skilled team of advisers can help. UK Property Finance is a 100% independent service provider, with no specific brand ties or affiliations. Importantly, we source products and services from a diverse network of specialist lenders across the UK, enabling us to access unbeatable deals you will not find on the high street. Our services are available on an obligation-free basis, and we welcome applicants from all backgrounds. Even if you have poor credit and/or no proof of income, you could still qualify for a competitive deal. Use our helpful online equity release calculator for a basic overview of the options available, or contact the team at UK Property Finance anytime to learn more. We will help you determine whether you are a good candidate for equity release and support all aspects of your application if you decide to go ahead.

Bank Compare Rate
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Barclays Barclays equity release
Halifax Halifax equity release
HSBC HSBC equity release
Lloyds Bank Lloyds Bank equity release
Nationwide Nationwide equity release
NatWest NatWest equity release
RBS RBS equity release
Martin Lewis Martin Lewis equity release