Discounted Rate Mortgages

This is a variation on the Standard Variable Mortgage Rate.

In order to maximise their business, the lenders will offer a discount off the standard variable mortgage rate and apply the discount for a period of time. The borrower’s monthly payments will alter to reflect the change in the lender’s standard variable mortgage rate but will stay a margin below.

Fluctuating mortgage payments

Although a discounted rate means fluctuating payments, a big advantage is that from day one the borrower knows by how much the mortgage will increase on the day the discount ends. In other words, if the discount is for example 1% off the rate, and this represents a saving of £75 a month, then when the discount ends the payments will increase by £75, irrespective of any other movements in the meantime.

Discounted rates can be the lowest rates in the market at any given time.

So if, as a borrower, you believe that the economy is going to remain fairly stable in the foreseeable future, and as a result there should be no need for the Bank of England to increase base rates, then a discounted rate will appeal.

An Equity Release plan does not require any monthly repayments. However, if you have an interest only lifetime mortgage you receive a lump sum and interest is ‘rolled up’ on the loan each month. This type of plan is only suitable if you have a regular source of income such as a salary or pension. Our mortgage brokers will find the right plan for you.