Detached Property Price Boom Fuelled by Northwest Market

north west detached property price boom

Recent figures have indicated that record numbers of renters and homeowners have been setting their sights on properties outside major urban centres. London in particular was predicted to experience a major exodus throughout 2021 prompted by COVID-19; city centre flats and quick commutes to work are out, while spacious properties in quiet and secluded corners of the country are becoming increasingly popular.

The shift has inevitably had a major impact on the average asking prices of many types of properties, with larger homes seeing the largest spike in demand of all. A new report published by Ascend Properties suggests that the lockdown detached property price boom is being fuelled largely by the property market in the Northwest, not the exodus currently taking place in London.

Average detached property prices are up nationwide

New figures from Ascend Properties indicate that the average market value of a detached home in England has increased by over 7% since the start of lockdown, climbing from £349,995 to £375,000.

The average price growth of 5.7% was also achieved collectively across all property types, which increased in value from £210,000 to £222,000 since the start of lockdown.

In the Northwest, the average market value for a detached home before lockdown restrictions were enforced was approximately £280,000; at the same time, the average price across all other property types was £147,000, a difference of approximately 90%.

Today, detached homes in the Northwest are selling for an average price of £299,995, while the average market value of all other property types is currently standing at £153,000, a difference of 96%.

On average, detached properties in the Northwest have increased in value by 7.1% since the start of the lockdown, the strongest growth of any region in England.

The Northwest of England leads the way

Commenting on the findings, Ascend Properties spoke of several reasons why detached property prices continue to climb across certain regions. “There may well be a shortage of homebuyers leaving the capital in search of larger homes, but the figures show that the North West is actually leading the way where this trend is concerned,” said Ascend Properties managing director, Ged McPartlin.

“Not only does the region rank top for detached property price growth since lockdown was first implemented, but detached homes are also pulling away from the rest of the wider market in terms of the rate of price appreciation.”

“That is not to say other property types are not selling well; there has been strong growth across the board. However, with more buyers searching for larger homes, it does present a good opportunity for first and second-time buyers who are able to find a flat or smaller home for a good price now that there is less competition.”