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Halifax Mortgage

Halifax Mortgage

Previously known as the Halifax Building Society, Halifax is a long-established British bank with a history dating back to 1853. Founded in the West Yorkshire town of the same name, Halifax has to date attracted more than 13 million customers from across the UK.

Halifax claims to bring the ‘personal touch’ to its mortgage lending services, offering an extensive range of home loans primarily for non-business customers. First-time buyer mortgages, remortgage loans and buy to let mortgages are all available at competitive rates of interest (updated daily on the Halifax website).

According to the team at Halifax, this is a bank that prides itself on prioritising the best interests of its customers and adopting a flexible attitude to the services the brand provides.

Halifax Mortgage Loans

Mortgages from Halifax can be arranged relatively quickly, though are subject to the usual credit checks and financial status verification. Customers can choose from a variety of tracker, fixed-rate and variable-rate mortgages – APRs and overall borrowing costs are based on the borrower’s financial status and credit history. However, Halifax doesn’t currently offer any specialist home loans for subprime applicants.

At UK Property Finance, we provide a whole-of-market mortgage comparison service for the benefit of our customers. Rather than taking your case directly to one major lender, we strongly suggest comparing the market to find a better deal. Our exclusive online mortgage calculator will provide you with a broad overview of the options available, enabling you to select a loan type to suit your budget. After which, we’ll get to work finding the best possible deal from a network of specialist lenders across the UK.

Deals on Right to Buy and Buy to Let with Halifax

Halifax is renowned for offering great deals on buy to let mortgages and Right to Buy mortgages alike. You, however, may find that your ideal mortgage product is not available on the High Street. Depending on your requirements and financial circumstances, there is every chance you will find a more competitive and cost-effective deal elsewhere.

At UK Property Finance, we compare and contrast all types of mortgage deals from an extensive network of specialist lenders across the UK. By comparing our partners’ deals with the latest published rates from major lenders like Halifax, we are able to consistently undercut the competition with superior deals. Whether you are on the lookout for a competitive Right to Buy mortgage or an unbeatable buy to let mortgage, we will do what it takes to set you up with the loan you need at a price you can afford.

Calculate Your Budget and Requirements

To simplify the process even further, we have created a convenient mortgage calculator for Right to Buy and buy to let customers alike. Whether you are ready to go ahead with a loan application or simply considering a mortgage, you will find our mortgage calculators invaluable.

Simply enter a few basic details for a broad overview of the options available, which can be helpful in establishing your budget. After which, book your obligation-free initial consultation with a member of the team at UK Property Finance. Whatever your requirements and expectations, we will do what it takes to find your ideal Right to Buy mortgage or buy to let mortgage at an unbeatable price.

Specialist Mortgage Advice

At UK Property Finance, we provide independent expert advice on a complete range of specialist mortgages and property loans. Whether you are looking for an affordable buy to let mortgage or considering the benefits of Right to Buy, we can help.

Our experienced team can also provide the input you need to find the best let to buy mortgage on the market and simplify your application. Use our exclusive online mortgage calculators for an idea of the options available or call anytime for an obligation-free consultation.

Independent Expert Advice

Working as a 100% independent broker, we’re able to offer the objective and impartial consultancy you will not find elsewhere. If your perfect mortgage is available from Halifax, we’ll let you know. If you could save time, money and effort working with a specialist lender, we’ll find them and pinpoint your perfect loan.

We also know how to find flexible and accessible mortgage loans for applicants with a poor credit history. Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, relocate or invest in a property to let out to tenants, we’re standing by with the support you need. Call today to book your obligation-free consultation with a member of the team at UK Property Finance.

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