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Borrowing with Halifax

Previously known as the Halifax Building Society, Halifax is a long-established British bank with a history dating back to 1853, founded in the West Yorkshire town of the same name.

Halifax claims to bring the ‘personal touch’ to its mortgage lending services, offering an extensive range of home loans primarily for non-business customers. First-time buyer mortgages, remortgage loans, and buy-to-let mortgages are all available at competitive rates of interest (updated daily on the Halifax website).

According to the team at Halifax, this is a bank that prides itself on prioritising the best interests of its customers and adopting a flexible attitude towards the services the brand provides.

Halifax mortgage calculator: The most enticing aspect

A pivotal step in the mortgage process is utilising a calculator, and Halifax offers one of the finest options available. Through the use of their calculator or with the help of intermediaries, users can access a wealth of information, such as:

  • The most advantageous deals are tailored to your specific circumstances and financial capacity, accompanied by comprehensive descriptions of the banks and their products.
  • Detailed calculations of the interest amounts and the time required to repay each loan, along with a comparative analysis of the top three loans suited for you, provide a clear overview.
  • Additional information, including the maximum loan amount you can obtain for your desired property and identifying the best deal with the lowest mortgage rates for that particular property.

Using the Halifax mortage calculator can greatly simplify the mortgage process, offering clarity and insight into your best financial options.

Halifax mortgage loans

Mortgages from Halifax can be arranged relatively quickly, though they are subject to the usual credit checks and financial status verification. Customers can choose from a variety of tracker, fixed-rate, and variable-rate mortgages. APRs and overall borrowing costs are based on the borrower’s financial status and credit history. However, Halifax doesn’t currently offer any specialist home loans for subprime applicants.

At UK Property Finance, we provide a whole-of-market mortgage comparison service for the benefit of our customers. Rather than taking your case directly to one major lender, we strongly suggest comparing the markets to find better mortgage rates. Our exclusive online mortgage calculator will provide you with a broad overview of the options available, enabling you to select a loan type to suit your budget. After which, we’ll get to work finding the best possible deal from a network of specialist lenders across the UK.

Explore Halifax mortgage types

Halifax provides diverse mortgage solutions for different types of borrowers:

  • First-Time buyer mortgages: Halifax supports first-time buyers with up to 95% loan-to-value mortgages and participates in government schemes like Help to Buy ISAs and equity loans.
  • Home mover mortgages: New and existing Halifax customers can find suitable mortgages for new homes. Current customers may have the option to port their mortgage to a new property.
  • Buy-to-Let mortgages: Halifax offers buy-to-let mortgages for new investors, remortgagers, and those switching deals, with the possibility of additional borrowing if within the loan-to-value limit.
  • Remortgaging options: Halifax facilitates remortgaging for both new and existing customers, waiving the Early Repayment Charge for those nearing the end of their current deal.

Deals on right to buy and buy to let with Halifax

Halifax is renowned for offering great deals on buy-to-let mortgages and right-to-buy mortgages alike. However, depending on your requirements and financial circumstances, there is every chance you will find a more competitive and cost-effective deal elsewhere.

At UK Property Finance, we compare and contrast all types of mortgage deals from an extensive network of specialist lenders across the UK. By comparing our partners’ deals with the latest published rates from major lenders like Halifax, we are able to consistently undercut the competition with superior deals. Whether you are on the lookout for a competitive right-to-buy mortgage or an unbeatable buy-to-let mortgage, we will do what it takes to set you up with the loan you need at a price you can afford.

See the below mortgage product repayment examples offered by UK Property Finance and see how our repayment compares to those similar products of Halifax Bank.

Buy to Let Let to Buy First Time Buyer
Property Value: £350,000 Property Value: £350,000 Property Value: £350,000
Interest Rate: 3.69% Interest Rate: 4.29% Interest Rate: 4.09%
Term (Years): 25 Term (Years): 25 Term (Years): 25
Down Payment: 15% Down Payment: 15% Down Payment: 15%
Your Deposit: £52,500 Your Deposit: £52,500 Your Deposit: £52,500
Mortgage Loan: £297,500 Mortgage Loan: £297,500 Mortgage Loan: £297,500
Monthly Payment: £1,520 Monthly Payment: £1,618 Monthly Payment: £1,585
Commercial Subprime Equity Release
Property Value: £350,000 Property Value: £350,000 Property Value: £350,000
Interest Rate: 7.99% Interest Rate: 5.25% Interest Rate: 5.74%
Term (Years): 25 Term (Years): 25 Term (Years): 25
Down Payment: 15% Down Payment: 15% Down Payment: 15%
Your Deposit: £52,500 Your Deposit: £52,500 Your Deposit: £52,500
Mortgage Loan: £297,500 Mortgage Loan: £297,500 Mortgage Loan: £297,500
Monthly Payment: £2,294 Monthly Payment: £1,783 Monthly Payment: £1,870

Specialist mortgage advice

At UK Property Finance, we provide independent expert advice on a complete range of specialist mortgages and property loans. Whether you are looking for an affordable buy-to-let mortgage or considering the benefits of the right to buy, we can help.

Our experienced team can also provide the input you need to find the best mortgage on the market and simplify your application. Use our exclusive online mortgage calculators for an idea of the options available, or call anytime for an obligation-free consultation.

Independent expert advice

Working as a 100% independent broker, we’re able to offer the objective and impartial consultancy you will not find elsewhere. If your perfect mortgage rate is available from Halifax, we’ll let you know. If you could save time, money, and effort working with a specialist lender, we’ll find them and pinpoint your perfect loan.

We also know how to find flexible and accessible mortgage loans for applicants with a poor credit history. Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, relocate, or invest in a property to let out to tenants, we’re standing by with the support you need.

We help customers with bad credit. Use our bad-credit mortgage calculator for a quick quote.

Call today to book your obligation-free consultation with a member of the team at UK Property Finance.

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