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Santander Mortgage

Santander Mortgage

One of the biggest names in the history of banking, Santander serves a huge 133 million customers worldwide. The bank’s portfolio extends to a comprehensive range of personal loans, business loans and high-quality mortgage loans for domestic and commercial properties alike. Having demonstrated strong commitment to its customers over the years, Santander has picked up several prestigious mortgage awards along the way.

Santander offers a wide range of mortgage types, including first-time buyer mortgages, buy-to-let mortgages, commercial mortgages, remortgage loans and more. Interest rates and overall borrowing costs are typically very competitive, though are always determined in accordance with the borrower’s financial status and credit history. We therefore strongly recommend comparing as many loans and lenders as possible, before submitting your mortgage application.

Mortgage Loan Types at Santander

Most mortgages from Santander are available as fixed-rate mortgages, variable-rate mortgages and tracker mortgages. Base interest rates at Santander are typically excellent, though vary significantly from one product and borrower to the next.

Major banks like Santander have become the primary ‘go-to’ for millions of first-time buyers and movers across the UK. However, the importance of comparing the mortgage market in full cannot be overstated. If you have a good credit history and can verify your financial status, you may qualify for a good deal. If not, you may struggle to qualify at all. Not just with Santander, but with most High Street lenders. If you’re concerned about your eligibility for a mortgage or simply looking to get the best possible deal, we can help. Call UK Property Finance today for more information.

Bad Credit Mortgages

If you’re struggling with a poor credit history, you’re certainly not in the minority. Unlike some, we understand how difficult it can be to maintain a flawless financial track record. We’re also firm believers in ensuring all cases are fairly considered – not scrutinised exclusively on factors like these.

Along with major lenders like Santander, we work closely with dozens of independent lenders across the UK. This enables us to access unbeatable deals and discounts for every client we work with – including those with imperfect credit histories. With UK Property Finance, your financial past needn’t stand in the way of your future.

Expert Advice on Buy to Let Mortgages

At UK Property Finance, we understand that purchasing a property to let out to tenants is a big deal. As is letting out your current home with the intention of purchasing a second property. Whether you are considering the benefits of Let to Buy or interested in expanding your Buy to Let portfolio, we can help. Our independent brokerage services extend to all types of Let to Buy and Buy to Let mortgages to suit all requirements and budgets.

We would be delighted to provide you with an obligation-free consultation to discuss the available options in more detail. Alternatively, check out our online Buy to Let and Let to Buy mortgage calculators for a quick and convenient overview of approximate borrowing costs.

Right to Buy – Are You Eligible?

Under the UK Government’s Right to Buy scheme, you may qualify for a significant discount on your council house or housing association property. It is, however, important to understand both your eligibility and your obligations, should you choose to apply for a Right to Buy mortgage. At UK Property Finance, we can provide the advice you need to establish your eligibility and support your application, every step of the way.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save tens of thousands of pounds on the market value of your home. Call UK Property Finance anytime to discuss Right to Buy in more detail or use our online Right to Buy mortgage calculator to learn more about the options available.

Book your obligation-free consultation with a member of the team today – we’re standing by with the help and support you need.

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