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An international powerhouse on the banking scene, Santander has one of the most impressive portfolios of products and services. Both for personal and business banking customers alike, it’s a pretty comprehensive picture to say the least.

That said, Santander doesn’t currently offer bridging loans. There are a number of short-term financial services to choose from, but bridging loans as a specific product aren’t on the cards. Hence, when funds are required as quickly as possible to cover a major purchase, Santander may be unable to help.

The Benefits of Bridging Loans

Here at UK Property Finance, we specialise in dynamic funding solutions for all purposes. Bridging loans can be worth their weight in gold when time is a critical factor. Most popular among investors out to purchase properties, bridging loans bring a series of key benefits to the table such as:

• Loans available from £25,000 to £25,000,000
• Flexible repayment periods from two months to 36 months
• Immediate decisions and funds transferred within a week
• All property types considered as collateral
• Simplified application processes with no credit checks

In essence, a bridging loan reverses the complexities and delays associated with conventional mortgages. Rather than waiting weeks or months to access the cash you need, the transfer can be completed in as little as four days.

Bridging Loan Uses

When is a bridging loan an effective solution? The short answer – anytime you simply don’t have time to spare. Meeting unexpected business costs, paying urgent tax bills, carrying out essential refurbishments, purchasing properties at auction – just a few common uses for bridging loans.

A Santander bridging loan may be off the cards for now, but we can set you up with the loan you need quickly and effortlessly!

Whatever your intentions and current financial position, we’ll search high and low to find you the perfect products to suit your needs. Even if your credit history isn’t exactly spotless, we’ll ensure your bridging loan application is given fair consideration.

Give the experts at UK Property Finance a call, or send us an email with an overview of your requirements and we’ll get back to you.

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