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At UK Property Finance we work with an extensive network of mainstream lenders and independent finance specialists. On your behalf, we’ll consider the latest and most competitive Nationwide remortgage deals and compare mortgage rates with those available from our extensive panel of lending partners across the UK.

Mortgages with Nationwide

Nationwide remains the biggest building society in the world and offers an extensive range of personal and business banking services for most everyday purposes. Whether you’re planning extensive home improvements or simply on the lookout for a better deal, Nationwide offers competitive remortgage deals for new and existing customers.

As one of the UK’s premier building societies, Nationwide presents a plethora of financial solutions designed to fit your needs, all accompanied by unbeatable interest rates. Explore our diverse offerings:

  • Commercial, residential, and buy-to-let mortgages
  • Current and savings accounts
  • Credit cards

Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned property owner seeking to remortgage, Nationwide caters to all. Choose from a range of options, including fixed-rate mortgages extending up to 10 years, base-rate tracker mortgages, and flexible variable rates.

Experience convenience like never before with Nationwide’s online mortgage manager. Seamlessly access your account, handle payments, monitor rate adjustments, and more, all at your fingertips!

Discover Nationwide’s Diverse Mortgage Options:

  • First-Time Buyers: Embarking on your homeownership journey? Nationwide rewards your excitement with a £500 cash bonus upon securing your inaugural mortgage. Utilise the Help-to-Buy ISA for potential savings, relish in fixed interest rates, or opt for tracker-rate mortgages with deposits as low as 5%.
  • Existing Customers: Already part of the Nationwide family? Seamlessly transition your mortgage deal under certain conditions, such as within 5 months of its expiration or from various existing mortgage types like base, standard, tracker, or fixed-rate. Plus, effortlessly transfer your mortgage to your new abode when you decide to move.
  • Remortgage: Unlock the potential to switch your existing mortgage provider to Nationwide and earn an additional £500 cash reward. Take advantage of the higher loan options available and seamlessly transition to new deals as an existing customer upon the culmination of your current agreement.
  • Buy-to-Let: Attention, landlords! Nationwide, in collaboration with specialist lender The Mortgage Works, offers lucrative buy-to-let mortgage solutions. Benefit from up to an 80% loan-to-value ratio without any minimum personal income requirements.

Comparing the Market for a deal

The Nationwide remortgage process follows the same basic principles as the standard mortgage application process. While it’s possible for a Nationwide remortgage to open the door to significant savings on a current mortgage deal, the importance of comparing the market in its entirety cannot be overstated. Even where Nationwide remortgage rates appear to be competitive, it’s perfectly possible that a better deal could be found elsewhere.

How to find the best deal

Exploring the plethora of home loan options is your first step towards securing the best deal tailored to your needs.

  • Rates: Opt for the peace of mind provided by a fixed-rate mortgage, guaranteeing consistent monthly repayments. Alternatively, delve into the potential savings offered by a tracker mortgage. Align your choice with your financial situation and risk tolerance.
  • Fees: Don’t overlook the impact of associated fees, which can significantly inflate the total cost. Additionally, consider the initial term length, as early repayment charges may apply should you opt for an early exit.
  • Credit Rating: Prior to a mortgage application, assess your credit report’s health. Your credit score profoundly influences the rates and deals available to you. Take proactive steps, such as electoral roll registration, to enhance your rating.

If your ideal remortgage is with Nationwide, we can help you through the application process. If there’s a better deal to be found from an independent lender we’ll ensure you’re set up with a flexible and cost-effective remortgage.

If you’re still considering the available options, we strongly suggest using our exclusive remortgage calculator to see what’s on offer compared to nationwide remortgages. Get an idea of the various options and repayment terms available before submitting your application. 

See the below mortgage product repayment examples offered by UK Property Finance and see how our repayment compares to those similar products of Nationwide.

Remortgage Buy to Let Let to Buy
Property Value: £350,000 Property Value: £350,000 Property Value: £350,000
Interest Rate: 4.09% Interest Rate: 3.69% Interest Rate: 4.29%
Term (Years): 25 Term (Years): 25 Term (Years): 25
Down Payment: 15% Down Payment: 15% Down Payment: 15%
Your Deposit: £52,500 Your Deposit: £52,500 Your Deposit: £52,500
Mortgage Loan: £297,500 Mortgage Loan: £297,500 Mortgage Loan: £297,500
Monthly Payment: £1,585 Monthly Payment: £1,520 Monthly Payment: £1,618
Commercial Subprime Equity Release
Property Value: £350,000 Property Value: £350,000 Property Value: £350,000
Interest Rate: 7.99% Interest Rate: 5.25% Interest Rate: 5.74%
Term (Years): 25 Term (Years): 25 Term (Years): 25
Down Payment: 15% Down Payment: 15% Down Payment: 15%
Your Deposit: £52,500 Your Deposit: £52,500 Your Deposit: £52,500
Mortgage Loan: £297,500 Mortgage Loan: £297,500 Mortgage Loan: £297,500
Monthly Payment: £2,294 Monthly Payment: £1,783 Monthly Payment: £1,870

Whether ready to go ahead or simply exploring the prospects of a remortgage, we’re standing by to take your call. Contact a member of the team at UK Property Finance for more information. We are open seven days a week, 9am till 9pm, on standby for a no obligation, honest consultation.

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