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Tesco is a popular household brand where groceries and general household retail are concerned. Few are aware that Tesco also offers an extensive range of consumer banking services. Tesco Bank was established to leverage their enormous size and value in order to provide customers with a complete portfolio of flexible and affordable financial products. Examples of which include credit cards, personal loans, mortgages and remortgage deals.

A few years ago Tesco Bank announced that it would no longer be offering home loans of any kinds. All existing Tesco remortgages and mortgages were transferred to its new parent company, at which point new applications were no longer accepted. Tesco Bank remortgage deals had previously been highly competitive and flexible. Customers with a Tesco Bank remortgage at the time the service was withdrawn were given the option to transfer elsewhere or continue under the same terms with the buyer of Tesco remortgages.

Quality Remortgage Deals for All Purposes

Remortgage deals can be used for a wide variety of purposes. For some it’s a case of tapping into the equity in their homes to fund major home improvements and renovations. For others, it’s simply a case of escaping an uncompetitive mortgage and taking advantage of a better deal. Shopping for a remortgage should be taken just as seriously as finding a traditional mortgage.

A remortgage is a long-term financial contract, so it’s worth ensuring it’s the right financial contract for you. At UK Property Finance, we endeavour to make sure this is the case. We offer independent expert advice on all aspects of home loans and remortgage deals for most purposes. No matter your requirements and budget, we go the extra mile to ensure you’re offered a deal you can afford.

All Cases Considered — Including Poor Credit

We work with an extensive panel of lenders that extends far beyond the usual High Street giants. We are able to access exclusive deals and discounts you will struggle to find elsewhere. Not to mention flexible and accessible remortgage deals that don’t automatically exclude poor credit applicants. Why not use our exclusive remortgage calculator to work out the costs of a remortgage when compared to a Tesco Bank remortgage.

Regardless of your current financial situation or credit history, the experts at UK Property Finance can help you get the best deal at the greatest possible remortgage rates!

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